World of Cheers

Shot Glass Set / Product

Design Objective

Taking a plain and ordinary barware item, rejuvenated with a positive energy and fun vibe. Making it collectable and looks great for your home.

Production Success

We trialed different mixtures of gold paste and manufacturing process during the prototyping stage to assure the durability in specific, tone of the gold, visual impression are achieved in harmony. Since the gold decorations on shot glasses are 100% manually applied. Therefore, a collective QA & QC process were conducted to greatly reduce the defect rate.

Marketing Effort

Every photoshoot was done with a teamwork effort, hands on attitude with a flavorful result. (We are talking about solid and real photography skillset from lighting adjustment to shot glass position)

“Alone we can do so little;
  Together we can do so much.”

 - Helen Keller

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